• 1994

    LACO Machinery, established in 1994, was founded by the Family Lapauw.


    •1994, LACO Machinery produced it's first single roll 500mm diameter gas heated ironer at it's current site in Kuurne Belgium.


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  • 1996

    •1996, the range was expanded with the smaller 350mm diameter.

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  • 1998

    •1998, At request of customers the 350mm ironer gets expanded to a 370mm ironer. Both gas as electrical heated.

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  • 2000

    •2000, An automated ironer with feeder, folder, cross-folder and stacker was presented at the Texcare show in Frankfurt. The machine was developped in 500 and the new 600 and 800 diameters. The COMFORT was born.


    •By building the Comfort 600 and Comfort 800, the standard ironing machine D600 and D800 was designed and added in the product range.



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  • 2002

    •2002, The ironers with a roll diameter from 370mm and 500mm get a new shape. The baty's get a chamfer.

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  • 2003

    •In 2003 the factory gets expanded by adding 500m² more production facility.

    The total production space is now 1500m².

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  • 2004

    •In 2004, LACO Machinery desings the M300 x 1800 and D300 x 1800 Electric heated ironer.

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  • 2005

    •In 2005, LACO Machinery desings the LACOFOLD.


    •LACO Machinery desings the Comfort "Evolution", the successor from the normal Comfort. This with the coorporation of B&R (control) we obtain a higher ironing production capacity.

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  • 2009

    •In 2009, the company was commercially split from it's sister company, Lapauw International, and started implementing it's own commercial policies. Also that year a second generation Lapauw, Thibault, the son of Dominique joined the LACO management team.

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  • 2010

    •Since 2010 Dominique Lapauw has taken complete control and ownership of the company.

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  • 2011

    •In 2011 LACO Machinery intends to invest in its Kuurne location by adding 200m² office space and 1200m² production facility.

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  • 2012

    •In 2012, LACO Machinery designs the Magic folder.



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  • 2013

    •In 2013, LACO Machinery designs the patented Air-Stream® chest with increased production capacity. The ironing capacity with the same chest diameter has increased by 20%



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  • 2014

    •In 2014, LACO Machinery designs the EASY feeder for the M370, D370, M500, D500, D600 and D800 ironers.

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  • 2015

    •In 2015, LACO Machinery designs 5 new ironers.      

    - KING

    - D802

    - D803

    - K802

    - K803 

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  • 2016

    •In 2016, LACO Machinery will build a complete new production plant. The production space will be 5000 m². More information will follow.


    •LACO Machinery delivers their first D802 and K802 ironers.

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  • 2017

    •In 2017, LACO Machinery designs the Typhoon. 


    •The first D1200, D1202 and D1203 ironers are delivered at customers.

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